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425 DX News #1626
П'ятниця, 01 липня 2022, 17:38

5X     - Elvira, IV3FSG  has been in Uganda  since 23 June,  and will remain
         there until 13 July.  In her spare time she operates mainly digital
         modes and SSB as  5X3R.  QSL direct to IK2DUW;  plans are to upload
         the QSOs to Club Log and LoTW.

7Q     - Fresh from  their recent  Z21RU  operation  from  Zimbabwe  [425DXN
         1623], Russian DXpedition Team's members R7AL, RA1ZZ and RW9JZ will
         be QRV as 7Q5RU from the Embangweni Mission Hospital in Malawi from
         30 June until 10 July.  They plan to pay special attention to  SSB,
         as the last time  they were  there  (7Q7RU, November-December 2020)
         Phone QSOs were only 5,000 out of 47,000. QSL via Club Log's OQRS.

CO     - A large group of operators will be active as T41DX from  Playa Boca
         de Galafre on the main island of Cuba (NA-015) on 14-17 July.  Look
         for activity on 80-10 metres SSB, CW, FT8, FT4, RTTY, SSTV. QSL via
         LoTW, or direct to RW6HS.

I      - Look for Luca, IL7/IK5AEQ to be active again from  San Domino, Tre-
         miti Islands (EU-050) on 2-8 July. He will operate SSB, FT8 and FT4
         on 40-6m, possibly also on 2m. QSL via home call. [TNX IK5AEQ]

JA     - The following HQ stations representing JARL  will  be  active  from
         various regions of Japan for the IARU HF World Championship:
         Band/mode  Call    Location
         160m CW    8N8HQ   Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
         160m SSB   8N2HQ   Okazaki-shi, Aichi
         80m  CW    8N1HQ   Minamiashigara-shi, Kanagawa
         80m  SSB   8N7HQ   Yonezawa/shi, Yamagata
         40m  CW    8N2HQ   Okazaki-shi, Aichi
         40m  SSB   8N9HQ   Nanto-shi, Toyama
         20m  CW    8N8HQ   Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido
         20m  SSB   8N1HQ   Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
         15m  CW    8N6HQ   Aso-gun, Kumamoto
         15m  SSB   8N8HQ   Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
         10m  CW    8N1HQ   Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
         10m  SSB   8N8HQ   Ishikari-gun, Hokkaido
         All QSOs will be confirmed automatically via the JARL QSL bureau.

LA     - Ari, OH3KAV  will be active  again as  LA/OH3KAV  from  Rostlandet,
         Lofoten Islands (EU-076) on  6-8 July.  He will operate mainly  FT8
         and CW on  40-10 metres.  QSL via LoTW,  or via the bureau  to home

OE     - OE60STMK  is the special callsign that Franz, OE6WIG and other mem-
         bers of OEVSV Landesverband Steiermark (OE6XFG, the Styrian region-
         al association within Austria's IARU society)  will be using from 1
         July to 31 August to celebrate their 60th anniversary.  QSL via the
         bureau to OE6WIG.

OZ     - Volker, DJ8VW  has been active as  5P8VW  from Romo Island (EU-125)
         since 26 June, and will remain there until 16 July.  He can operate
         SSB, CW, FT8 and FT4 on 160-4m. QSL via LoTW, eQSL, Club Log's OQRS
         (preferred), or via home call.

PJ2    - This year the Dave Kalter Memorial "Youth DX Adventure" will see  a
         team consisting of  three teenagers  (K6BFL, KE8MMS and KO4FFA)  be
         active again as PJ2Y from Curacao (SA-099) on 14-19 July. Plans are
         to be QRV on all bands  SSB, CW, FT8 and  possibly some satellites.
         See https://www.qsl.net/n6jrl/ for more information.  QSL direct to
         AB8YK; the logs will be uploaded to LoTW and Club Log.

SP     - Ed, ES2TT plans to be active from the islands of Wolin (EU-132, SP/
         ES2TT) and Uznam/Usedom (EU-129, SP/ES2TT and/or DL/ES2TT)  between
         15 and 18 July. He will operate CW and SSB on  40, 30 and 20m.  QSL
         via Club Log's OQRS (preferred), or via home call. Bureau cards can
         be requested by email.

VK     - VK75FAA is a special callsign celebrating the  75th anniversary  of
         the formation  of  the  Fleet Air Arm, the  Royal Australian Navy's
         aviation branch. Activity will start on 3 July from the  HMAS Alba-
         tross naval air station at Nowra, New South Wales.  From 4 July un-
         til  the end of October  the callsign will be used by amateurs from
         around Australia on a roster basis.

YB     - Special callsign YH0R will be activated on  9-17 July  to celebrate
         the  54th anniversary  of the  Organisasi  Radio  Amatir  Indonesia
         (ORARI), Indonesia's IARU member society.  Look for activity on 80,
         40, 20, 15 and 10 metres  CW, SSB, FT8 and RTTY.  The logs  will be
         uploaded to LoTW, eQSL and Club Log.  An anniversary award  will be
         available on https://award.orari.or.id.

Z6     - Z66X  has been QRV  from Kosovo  since 27 June,  and  will continue
         until 4 July  with a  strong emphasis  on  6 metres FT8  (50313 and
         50323 kHz). Depending on propagation, Z66X might also show up on 6m
         CW and SSB. QSL via OH2BH.

ZL     - Special event station ZL90GQ will be on the air throughout July  to
         celebrate the 90th anniversary of NZART Southland Branch 37 (ZL4GQ)
         based in  Invercargill,  New Zealand.  A commemorative  certificate
         will be available,  see https://www.qrz.com/db/ZL90GQ  for informa-


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