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Круглий стіл: ведучий UR4PWL op. Микола
Щонеділі на 3,603 MHz о 08:30 укр.
Постійно на УКХ - 145,400 та 435,400 MHz

425 DX News #1620
Субота, 21 травня 2022, 09:17

3D2/R  - The team expects to set sail from Port Denarau Marina on 20 May  in
         the morning (Fiji time).  They will be QRV as E51DOM/mm  during the
         voyage, which will take about 72 hours.  3D2RRR will then be active
         from Rotuma for a couple of weeks. Plans are to run two stations on
         CW, one on SSB,  and  five on FT8  (Fox & Hound).  "This will be an
         experimental FT8 activity",  they say.  "We will operate two radios
         on the same band  at the same time".  QSL via Club Log's OQRS.  Up-
         dates will be posted to https://www.facebook.com/rebeldxgroup.

3X     - 3X1A is the new callsign issued to Jean-Philippe, F1TMY, previously
         active as 3X2021.  He has been stationed in  Conakry, Guinea  since
         September 2021, and  expects  to remain  there for quite some time.
         QSL via Club Log's OQRS.

EA8    - Look for EF0F/8  to be active  during  this year's  His Majesty the
         King of Spain CW Contest (21-22 May) from La Palma, Canary Islands.
         This operation  is an effort to help  local amateur radio operators
         affected by the 2021  Cumbre Vieja  catastrophic volcanic eruption.
         So, while  bureau cards can be sent to  EA4URE as usual,  those who
         wish to help out  or receive a  direct card can send  their request
         via EA4BQ. Contributions will be donated  to the Union de Radioafi-
         cionados del Valle de Aridane (EA8URA).  The KOS Contest  rules can
         be found on https://www.qrz.com/db/EF0F.

F      - For the 70th year the Association des Radioamateurs  de  la  Sarthe
         (F6KFI) will operate a special event station for the  24  Hours  of
         Le Mans. Look for TM24H on 29 May-12 June, with activity on various
         bands and modes (SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK, FT8). QSL via Club Log's OQRS,
         or via F6KFI.

F      - Special callsign TM61TC  will be activated on  30 May-4 June  cele-
         brating  Claude Chappe's  invention of the optical  telegraph,  the
         first practical  telecommunications system  of the  industrial age.
         QSL via the bureau. [TNX F8REF]

HA     - Istvan, HA0KA and a large group will be active as  HG0WFF  from the
         Protected Landscape Area  of Kesznyeten  on  21-22 May.  They  will
         operate CW, SSB  and digital modes  on the HF bands and 6m. QSL via
         Club Log's OQRS, LoTW  or via HA0HW (bureau).  The HA Flora & Fauna
         Award  programme's  website:  http://wff.pannondxc.hu/en/index.php.
         [TNX HA0HW]

HC     - Members of the Ecuador DX Club will be active as HD1E on  23-24 May
         to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the  Battle of Pichincha  (24
         May 1822),  which  gave independence to Ecuador. QSL via LoTW.  See
         https://ecuadordxclub.org/bicentennial  for the  commemorative cer-

I      - ARI Torino (IQ1TO)  will set up  a  station at  the  RAI Radio  and
         Television Museum (https://www.rai.it/museoradiotv/) and be QRV  as
         II1MRTV on 21-22 May between 8.30 and 16.30 UTC.

JA     - Take, JI3DST  will be active again from  Shodo Island (AS-200)  be-
         tween 15 May and 4 July.  He will operate SSB and CW  as  JI3DST/5,
         JJ5RBH and JS6RRR/5, as well as JS6RRR/p on FT8.  The QSOs will  be
         made available for both  Club Log  and  LoTW Matching  on the  IOTA

SV     - Erwin, DK5EW will be active as SV8/DK5EW from Santorini Island (EU-
         067, KM26qi) on 23-28 May,  and as  SV9/DK5EW from  Crete  (EU-015,
         KM15wl) on 30 May-10 June.  This will be a 144 MHz operation  (EME,
         Meteorscatter and Sporadic-E).  QSL direct to home call and  "later
         upload to LoTW".  See  http://dk5ew.com/ageanisland-2022/  for more

VP5    - VP5/K4BAI and VP5/K4QPL  will be QRV from  Providenciales (NA-002),
         Turks and Caicos,  on 24-31 May.  QSLs  via home calls.  They  will
         participate in the  CQ WW WPX CW Contest as VP5M  (QSL via LoTW, or
         direct to K4QPL). [TNX NG3K]

VP8    - Look for Laurie, G3UML  to be active as  VP8TLE  from the  Falkland
         Islands (SA-002)  until  24 May.  "This  is not  primarily  a radio
         trip", he says, "but I do hope to get some time in on the air" from
         VP8LP's station.  He will operate SSB only,  most likely  on 20, 15
         and 10 metres. QSL via G3UML.

XE     - Special event station XI8RM will be QRV on 19-28 May during the 8th
         edition  of the  Rally Maya Mexico.  Activity  is expected  to take
         place on 80-6 metres SSB, FT8 and FT4 from  Cancun (19-21 May, grid
         EL61),  Chiquila  (22-23 May, grid EL61),  Uxmal  (24-26 May,  grid
         EL50) and  Riviera Maya (27-28 May, grid EL60).  QSL via EA5GL  and
         LoTW. See http://radioaficionados.mx/xi8rm for more information.

XE     - Zalo, XE3N  plans to be active  holiday style as  XF3N  from Holbox
         Island (NA-045) on 22-23 May.  He will operate SSB, FT8 and FT4  on
         40-6 metres. QSL via EA5GL and LoTW.

YB     - YB8HZ, YB8DKL, YC8AQY, YC8BNZ and YC8ES  will be active from  Pulau
         Sapuka Besar (OC-247) on 27-29 May.  Plans are to be QRV  on the HF
         bands and 6 metres. [TNX JN6RZM]


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08.07.1972 UR3PGC Руслан Рижко
10.07.1979 UR3PKG Валентин Дацишин
14.07.2004 UR3PBO Володимир Чайніков
15.07.1996 UR3PCW Павло Яцина
16.07.1960 US-P-39 Микола Кисельов
16.07.1997 UR3PTA Володимир Коцішевський
17.07.1958 UR3PFU Олег Супоровський
17.07.2010 UR3PBQ Арсен Гузар
29.07.1981 UZ8PA Олександр Романюк

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