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Круглий стіл: ведучий UR4PWL op. Микола
Щонеділі на 3,603 MHz о 08:30 укр.
Постійно на УКХ - 145,400 та 435,400 MHz

425 DX News #1610
Субота, 12 березня 2022, 11:11

8P     - Dick, G3RWL  will be active again as  8P6DR from  Barbados (NA-021)
         from 10 March to 4 April.  He will operate CW only on 80-10 metres,
         and will participate in this weekend's Commonwealth (BERU) Contest.
         QSL via LoTW, Club Log's OQRS, or via home call. [TNX The Daily DX]

EI     - Charlie, EI8JB will be active again as EJ8JB from Bere Island  (EU-
         121) on 17-18 March. He usually operates SSB, CW and RTTY on the HF
         bands. QSL via LoTW (preferred), or via the bureau.

F      - TM55SNSM is a special callsign to be aired between  18 March and 16
         July for the  55th anniversary of the  Societe Nationale des Sauve-
         teurs en Mer (the French National Society of Sea Rescuers). It will
         be operated by members of the Radio Club du Val d'Issole (F8KGH) on
         80-6 metres CW, SSB and  digital modes.  QSL via the bureau,  eQSL,
         or direct to F4GPB. [TNX F8REF]

F      - Joachim F4IDX,  Fred F4JDH,  Maciek F4VSQ  and  Dave F5SDD  will be
         active as TM5F from Ile de Ratonneau (EU-095) on 19-20 March.  Look
         for activity on CW and SSB.  QSL via F5SDD  and  logsearch on  Club

F      - Special callsign TM24PVJ  will be activated on 20 March-3 April for
         the 24th "Percee du Vin Jaune", the festival celebrating the "Open-
         ing of the Yellow Wine" which this year will take place at  Cramans
         (Jura). QSL via F8GGZ.

GI     - GB2SPD and GB4SPD are two special callsigns that will celebrate St.
         Patrick's Day from  Northern Ireland.  The St Patrick's Day  on the
         air  event  will  run  on 16-18 March,  from 12 UTC to 12 UTC.  See
         https://www.stpatricksaward.com/ for information.

GU     - Ron, G4DIY  and  Jay, M0UNN  will be active  again  as  MP7DX  from
         Guernsey (EU-114) on 11-15 March.  They will operate CW and SSB  on
         40-15 metres. QSL direct to G4DIY. [TNX DX World]

GW     - Celebrating  twenty years  of  the  Summits  on  the Air  programme
         (https://www.sota.org.uk/), GB2OTA will be active between  5 and 29
         March. QSL via M1EYP.

HA     - Special callsign  HG200PS  will be activated between  15 March 2022
         and 15 March 2023  to commemorate the  200th anniversary  since the
         birth of  Petofi Sandor,  one of the greatest Hungarian poets.  QSL
         via LoTW and Club Log's OQRS.

I      - Special callsigns II0IDR, II0IGU, II3ICZ, II5IDK,  II7ICE,  II7ICT,
         II9ICF, II9IGA, II9IGJ  and II0IDP (from Sardinia) - all represent-
         ing former coast radio stations of the Italian Navy - will be acti-
         vated on  11-20 March for the 16th  Italian Navy Coastal Radio Sta-
         tions Award (https://www.assoradiomarinai.it/armilog/coastal.html).

PJ4    - John, KK9A will be active as PJ4/KK9A from Bonaire (SA-006) on  23-
         30 March. He will operate CW and SSB on 80-10 metres, and will par-
         ticipate  in the  CQ WW WPX SSB Contest as PJ4R.  QSLs  via WD9DZV.
         [TNX The Daily DX]

S2     - The S21DX operation from IOTA group AS-140  [425DXN 1603]  has been
         brought forward, and is now expected to take place sometime in  De-
         cember. Plans are for S21AM, S21RC, S21D and hopefully others to be
         QRV with three stations,  two on FT8 and one on SSB  (with a linear
         amplifier,  "if we can manage a bigger generator").  QSL via EB7DX,
         LoTW and Club Log. See https://s21dx.org/ for more information  and

Z8     - Diya, YI1DZ expects  to be back to  Juba, South Sudan on  11 March,
         and to be active again as Z81D in his spare time  over the next six
         months. QSl via Club Log's OQRS, LoTW, or via OM3JW. [TNX The Daily


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08.07.1972 UR3PGC Руслан Рижко
10.07.1979 UR3PKG Валентин Дацишин
14.07.2004 UR3PBO Володимир Чайніков
15.07.1996 UR3PCW Павло Яцина
16.07.1960 US-P-39 Микола Кисельов
16.07.1997 UR3PTA Володимир Коцішевський
17.07.1958 UR3PFU Олег Супоровський
17.07.2010 UR3PBQ Арсен Гузар
29.07.1981 UZ8PA Олександр Романюк

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