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Щонеділі на 3,603 MHz о 08:30 укр.
Постійно на УКХ - 145,400 та 435,400 MHz

425 DX News #1607
П'ятниця, 18 лютого 2022, 21:33

5X     - Alan, G3XAQ will be active again as 5X1XA from  Kampala, Uganda  on
         7-14 March.  He will operate  CW only on  80-10 metres,  with  main
         activity during the RSGB Commonwealth (BERU) Contest. QSL direct to
         G3SWH (OQRS on http://www.g3swh.org.uk/) and LoTW. [TNX G3SWH]

EA     - Commemorating the 42nd anniversary of the  1980 referendum  for au-
         tonomy and representing  the provinces of Andalusia,  eight special
         callsigns will be activated  on  22-28 February:  AM42AL (Almeria),
         AM42CA (Cadiz), AM42CO (Cordoba),  AM42GR (Granada),  AM42HU (Huel-
         va), AM42JA (Jaen), AM42MA (Malaga), AM42SE (Sevilla). In addition,
         AM42AND will be active on 28 February (Andalusia Day).  QSL via the
         bureau. See https://www.qrz.com/db/am42and for more information.

F      - A team of six (F4ELI, F4ELK, F5VCR, F5UOW, F6DXE and ON7ZM) will be
         active as TM5IB from Ile de Batz (EU-105) from 26 March to 1 April.
         They will operate CW, SSB and FT8 on various bands. QSL via ON7ZM.

FG     - Once again Philippe, F1DUZ will be active as FG4KH from  Guadeloupe
         (NA-102) from 24 February to 15 March,  including participation  in
         the  Coupe du REF's SSB leg  (26-27 February)  and the  ARRL DX SSB
         Contest. QSL via LoTW, eQSL, or via F1DUZ. [TNX DX World]

FG     - Look for Gildas, FG/F6HMQ  and  Michel, FG/F6GWV to be active again
         from Guadeloupe (NA-102)  from  25 February to 27 March.  They will
         participate in  the ARRL DX SSB Contest (5-6 March)  and the  CQ WW
         WPX SSB Contest (26-27 March) as TO3Z (QSL via F6HMQ). [TNX NG3K]

FY     - Herve, F5HRY will participate  in the  ARRL DX CW Contest  as  TO1A
         (SOSB 15m LP)  from  the  Radio Amateurs Club de  Kourou's  station
         (FY5KE), French Guiana. QSL via LoTW. [TNX NG3K]

HP     - H32AT is the special callsign that  Jose, HP2AT  is using until the
         end of the year to mark his 32 years  in amateur radio.  He uploads
         his log to qrz.com, Club Log and eQSL on a regular basis,  and will
         upload all QSOs to LoTW at the end of the activity. Paper QSL cards
         will not be available.

I      - Members of ARI Carpi (Modena)  will be active as  IQ4DJ (club call-
         sign) and II4CPC (special callsign) on on 4-11 March to commemorate
         the  118th anniversary  of  the  Chilean city  of  Capitan Pastene,
         founded by Italian settlers who arrived from Modena  in two succes-
         sive migrations.  Also active will be CB6I and CB6CPC,  operated by
         members of  Radio Club Traiguen.  Four certificates  will be avail-
         able, see II4CPC on qrz.com for information.  QSL II4CPC via IQ4DJ;
         QSL CB6I and CB6CPC via CE6TRA (direct).

KH2    - "BJ", WA7WJR, plans to be QRV as KH2/WA7WJR/p from Guam between  24
         February and mid-May,  with activity as  KH0/WA7WJR/p  from  Tinian
         and/or Saipan during April also being planned.  He will operate CW,
         FT8 and RTTY on 40 and 20m, and occasionally on 17 and 15m. QSL via
         home call or LoTW. See https://www.questsofdiscovery.com/dxpedition
         for more information.

HS     - Tony, E21IZC and other members of the Amateur Radio Association  of
         Phetchaburi (E20OMN,  E24YEJ,  E25CVD,  E25NNN, E27EK,  HS7QNC  and
         HS7UCQ) will be active as HS7AP/p from  Koh Chang (AS-125)  from 29
         July to 1 August. They will operate CW, SSB and FT8 on  80, 40, 20,
         15 and 10 metres,  and will participate in the  IOTA Contest (30-31
         July). QSL via E21IZC. [TNX NG3K]

I      - Commemorating the 150th anniversary since the death of  Samuel F.B.
         Morse (2 April 1872), ARI Vigevano  will operate  special  callsign
         IR2SM from 26 March to 10 April. QSL via I2MFJ, bureau or direct.

J6     - Amateur radio operators from  Saint Lucia (NA-108)  are allowed  to
         use the special prefix J643 on  20-26 February,  in celebration  of
         the 43rd anniversary since  their country  gained full independence
         (22 February 1979). For instance, J69DS will be signing J643DS (QSL
         via EB7DX), and J69SJ will be signing J643SJ.

KP4    - Members of the  Radio Operadores Del Este  will be active as  KP3RE
         from Isla de Vieques (NA-249) on 25-27 February.  They will operate
         CW, SSB and digital modes (FT4 and/or FT8) on 80-10 metres. QSL via
         EA5GL.  See https://sites.google.com/view/kp4rv/  for more informa-

ON     - Special event station OR100RCBE  will be active from  1 March to 31
         December to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Radio Club Belge
         de l'Est.  Established on  26 March 1922,  it is nowadays'  UBA GDV
         (Groupement de Verviers). QSL via ON4GDV.

PJ7    - Tom, AA9A will be active again as PJ7AA from  Sint Maarten (NA-105)
         from 26 February to 26 March.  He will operate CW, SSB, FT8 and FT4
         on 80-10 metres.  QSL via Club Log's OQRS, LoTW or  direct to AA9A.
         [TNX NG3K]

UA9    - The R150WS expedition to  Rykachev Island (AS-104)  is still set to
         start the 1400-kilometre trip on  3-4 March  from the settlement of
         Tazovsky  [425DXN 1605].  If ice conditions permit,  the team might
         also try and be QRV as RI0BI from Isachenko Island (AS-050),  which
         is about 160 km far from Rykachev. It will be possible to track the
         expedition's  progress  by going to  https://share.garmin.com/rt9k.
         QSL for both callsigns via Club Log's OQRS.

VK     - Andy, VK5MAV will be active again as VK5MAV/p  from  Granite Island
         (OC-228) for one or two days  during the  last week of February  or
         first week of March,  depending on weather conditions.  He will not
         be able to overnight on the island, as access is limited to daytime
         hours only. He will operate mainly CW on 20, 15 and 10 metres.  "If
         you deadly need SSB", he says,  "just send me email and I'll try to
         move to SSB quickly (internet coverage is perfect there)".  QSL via
         Club Log's OQRS.

W      - Bernie, W3UR will once again be operating with the  Glenwood DX As-
         sociation's club call N3ME from Okaloosa Island (NA-142) on 19 Feb-
         ruary from 12 UTC to 23.30 UTC  (the park is only open from sunrise
         to sunset).  Activity will be on  20-10 metres  CW and FT8,  with a
         focus on 17 and 12m CW,  and 20m FT8.  QSL via W3UR and LoTW.  [TNX
         The Daily DX]

W      - Commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Voice of America's  first
         broadcast (1 February 1942), three  special event stations  will be
         activated on 19 and 20 February (14-22 UTC each day): W3V (from the
         VOA Amateur Radio Club in  Washington DC),  W8O  (from the National
         Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting in  West Chester,  OH)  and
         W4A (from the VOA Site-C in Greenville, NC).  See qrz.com  for  QSL


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14.07.2004 UR3PBO Володимир Чайніков
15.07.1996 UR3PCW Павло Яцина
16.07.1960 US-P-39 Микола Кисельов
16.07.1997 UR3PTA Володимир Коцішевський
17.07.1958 UR3PFU Олег Супоровський
17.07.2010 UR3PBQ Арсен Гузар
29.07.1981 UZ8PA Олександр Романюк

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