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Щонеділі на 3,603 MHz о 08:30 укр.
Постійно на УКХ - 145,400 та 435,400 MHz

425 DX News #1601
Субота, 08 січня 2022, 08:05

3B8    - Ray, HB9DNG/F5UKV is moving to  Mauritius Island (AF-049)  and will
         be QRV as 3B8HH starting around 20 January. Activity will be on 80-
         2 meters (possibly 160m) using CW and some SSB. When the station is
         completely installed,  he will operate also some PSK and RTTY.  QSL
         via 3B8HH, direct or bureau;  he will upload  his log to  Club Log.
         [TNX The Daily DX]

5Z     - If the  Covid situation permits,  Ferdy, HB9DSP  will be active  as
         5Z4/HB9DSP from  Malindi, Kenya on  12-27 January.  He will operate
         SSB and  some FT8 on  20, 15 and 10 metres.  QSL via LoTW  and home
         call (bureau preferred). [TNX DX World]

BY     - Look for B4/BG2CNO to be QRV from Lingshan Island (AS-150) on 13-15
         January.  Three  operators  (Huaniu  Amateur Radio  Club's  members
         BD3QC, BG2CNO and BI4MPY) will be active on 80, 40, 30, 20, 17  and
         15 metres SSB, CW, FT8 with two stations. QSL via BI4MPY.

FG     - Pascal F1MNQ, Pierre F1TCV,  Michel F5LRL, Didier F6BCW  and  Keith
         VE7KW will be active as TO6S from Les Saintes (NA-114),  Guadeloupe
         from  20 January to  1 February.  They plan  to use  Club Log  Live
         Stream  (https://clublog.org/livestream/TO6S),  and to operate  CW,
         SSB, FT8/FT4 and RTTY on  160-6 metres with  two stations.  QSL via
         F6KJS, direct or bureau. See https://les-saintes.f6kjs.fr/ for more

FO/A   - Barring any more travel restrictions,  Jacek, SP5EAQ  should be QRV
         as  FO/SP5EAQ from  Rimatara Island (OC-050), Austral Islands on 2-
         30 March. He will operate only SSB on 80-10m,  and will participate
         in the  CQ WW WPX SSB Contest  as TX5AQ.  Updates will be posted to
         http://australs.sp7dqr.pl/index.html  for updates.  QSLs via SP7DQR
         direct or bureau  (OQRS on http://sp7dqr.pl/en/oqrs.php) and  LoTW;
         the logs will be uploaded also to Club Log.

FO/A   - "Hoping that Covid  doesn't interfere with the project",  a team of
         seven experienced operators  (Heye DJ9RR,  Doris K0BEE,  Gene K5GS,
         Walt N6XG, Melanie N7BX, Rob N7QT  and Steve W1SRD)  will be active
         as TX5N from  Raivavae (OC-114),  Austral Islands  on  16-28 April.
         They plan to operate  CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8 on  160-10 metres  (60m
         included). QSL via M0URX's OQRS; see https://tx5n.net  for more in-
         formation and QSLling policy. [TNX K5GS]

FS     - Jeff, VA3QSL will be active holiday style as  FS/VA3QSL  from Saint
         Martin (NA-105) on 6-22 February. He will operate CW, SSB and digi-
         tal modes on 40-6 metres. QSL via home call (direct or bureau)  and

G      - The Medway Amateur Receiving and Transmitting Society is  operating
         special callsign  GB6NU  until  27 January  in remembrance  of  its
         founder, William "Bill" Edgar Nutton G6NU  (1 January 1894-22 Janu-
         ary 1982), during the society's centenary year. QSL via eQSL.

GM     - Special event station  GB2KW is active  until 28 January  from near
         Inverness,  Scotland  using  vintage equipment  manufactured  by KW
         Electronics Ltd during the 1960s and 1970s.  Logsearch  on Club Log
         and  QSL via LoTW only.  Also active from England,  especially over
         the "KW Weekend" (8-9 January),  are expected to be  GB5KW, GB5KWD,
         GB8KW and possibly others.

HS     - Champ, E21EIC and others  (E20NKB, E24OYI, E25KAE, E25OKO,  E29TGW,
         HS0ZET, HS2QJJ, HS2UPR and HS6SSE) will be active as  E20AX/p  from
         Koh Samet (AS-107) on  8-10 January.  They plan to operate  SSB, CW
         and FT8 on  40-10 metres  (also 80m, if space permits)  with two or
         three stations. QSL via LoTW and E21EIC (all QSOs will be confirmed
         automatically via the bureau); logsearch and OQRS on Club Log.

JW     - Erik ON4ANN, Max ON5UR and other thirteen operators (Jelmers DJ5MO,
         Willy ON2BDJ,  Carlo ON4BR,  Cedric ON4CKM,  Patrick ON4DCU,  Andre
         ON4DTO,  Erik ON4EC, Marc ON4MA,  Pascal ON5RA, Marc ON6CC,  Franky
         ON7RU, Marc ON8AK and Francis ON8AZ)  will be active as  JW0X  from
         Svalbard (EU-026) on 19-26 April.  They will operate  CW, SSB, RTTY
         and FT8 on 160-6 metres  with  five stations  from  three different
         locations in Longyearbyen.  The DXpedition  will include  the first
         ever  QO-100 satellite  operation from Svalbard  - look for ON4CKM,
         ON4DCU and ON5UR to be active as JW100QO  from Kapp Linne on  22-24
         April. See http://www.dx-adventure.com/en/home-eng/ for more infor-
         mation.  QSLs via  M0URX's OQRS  (https://www.m0urx.com/oqrs/)  for
         direct and bureau cards;  the full logs  will be uploaded  to  LoTW
         after six months.

LZ     - Once again Radio Club Blagovestnik (LZ1KCP) will use twelve special
         callsigns  throughout  2022  to honour  as many different  Orthodox
         saints:  LZ290WA  (January),  LZ251MA (February),  LZ475GJ (March),
         LZ303AT (April),  LZ330AL (May),  LZ444KA (June),  LZ540DS  (July),
         LZ258ML (August),  LZ31ZE (September),  LZ457PP (October),  LZ407IZ
         (November) and LZ634SM (December).  QSL via the bureau or direct to
         P.O. Box 36,  4300 Karlovo,  Bulgaria.  Details on the  "All Saints
         2022"" award can be found at http://www.lz1kcp.com/.

P4     - Mathias, DL4MM will be active as  P4/DL4MM (CW and SSB)  and  P40AA
         (FT8) from Aruba  (SA-036) from  23 January to 1 February.  He will
         concentrate on the low and WARC bands,  and will participate in the
         CQ WW 160-Meter CW Contest (28-30 January) as P40AA. QSLs via LoTW,
         Club Log's OQRS, or via DL4MM. [TNX NG3K]

PY     - The ZY6A operation from Ilha dos Frades (SA-023) [425DXN 1599]  has
         been rescheduled for earlier,  and is now expected to take place on
         13-16 January.  Rafael, PP2OK will operate SSB  (7160, 14260, 21260
         and 28460 kHz),  and  Robson, PY6TV  will operate CW  (7040, 14040,
         21040 and 28040 kHz). QSL direct to PY6TV; logsearch on Club Log.

TA     - TC60TRAC is the special callsign for  the  Turkiye Radyo Amatorleri
         Cemiyeti (the Turkish Amateur Radio Association,  the national IARU
         member society) to celebrate its 60th anniversary during 2022.  QSL
         via the bureau.

VU     - Pedro, EA5GL is the  new QSL manager for AU2GSI,  the special call-
         sign that members of the West Bengal Radio Club will be using some-
         time between 9 and 16 January  from  Sagar Island (AS-153)  [425DXN
         1600].  Expect some  sporadic activity on 40, 20 and 15 metres,  as
         their  main purpose will be  to provide assistance  to the pilgrims
         attending the annual Ganga Sagar Mela.

YB     - Look for Agus, YB1TDL/4 and  Budi, YC1RQZ/4 to be QRV  from  Rakata
         Island (OC-262) on 15-20 January.  They will operate SSB and FT8 on
         40, 20, 15 and 10 metres.  QSLs direct to HA3JB,  whose OQRS can be
         found on http://www.ha3jb.com/oqrs.html.


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08.07.1972 UR3PGC Руслан Рижко
10.07.1979 UR3PKG Валентин Дацишин
14.07.2004 UR3PBO Володимир Чайніков
15.07.1996 UR3PCW Павло Яцина
16.07.1960 US-P-39 Микола Кисельов
16.07.1997 UR3PTA Володимир Коцішевський
17.07.1958 UR3PFU Олег Супоровський
17.07.2010 UR3PBQ Арсен Гузар
29.07.1981 UZ8PA Олександр Романюк

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