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425 DX News #1600
Субота, 01 січня 2022, 07:49

9A     - 9A652AA  and  9A655AX are the special callsigns that Tom, 9A2AA and
         Josip, 9A5AX  will be using  throughthout 2022  to mark their  65th
         year in amateur radio. QSL via home calls. [TNX 9A2AA}

DL     - German  special callsign expected to be  activated  throughout 2022
       * DB50AFZ    for the 50th anniversary since the Deutscher Amateur Ra-
         dio Club  (DARC)  relocated  from Kiel  to the  Amateurfunk-Zentrum
         (Amateur Radio Centre),  the newly built headquarters  in Baunatal.
         All QSOs  will be confirmed  automatically via  the bureau;  direct
         cards via DL2VFR.
       * DF40BGK    for the 40th anniversary of  DARC Ortsverband Bergkamen.
         QSL via the bureau, LoTW and eQSL.
       * DK050BN    for the 50th anniversary of Contestgruppe Bingen (DK0BN)
         QSL via the bureau, LoTW and eQSL; direct cards via DK5PD.
       * DL60LINDAU for  DARC Ortsverband Lindau-Westallgau's  60th anniver-
         sary.  All QSOs  will be confirmed  automatically  via  the bureau;
         direct cards via DL1CBQ.
       * DL73AFUG   for the 73rd anniversary of the first  Amateurfunkgesetz
         (AfuG), the  German amateur radio regulations  that came into force
         on 23 March 1949. QSL via operator's instructions.
       * DL75DRG    for the  75th anniversary of  DARC Distrikt  Ruhrgebiet.
         QSL via operator's instructions. See https://ham-awards.de/ for the
         75DRG Diplom/Award.
       * DL75HIL    for the  75th  anniversary  of  DARC Ortsverband  Hilden
         (DL0HIL/DL0CK). QSL via the bureau, LoTW and eQSL.

DL     - Special callsign DM60CSJ  will be activated from  1 January  to  31
         July for the 60th anniversary  of  Club Station Jesewitz  (DL0SAX).
         QSL  via  the bureau  and  eQSL;  direct cards  via DL2VM.  [TNX DX

HB9    - HB50SH is the special callsign  that members of  USKA Schaffhausen,
         HB9SH (https://www.hb9sh.ch/)  will be using  during 2022  to cele-
         brate their club's 50th anniversary.  QSL via LoTW and eQSL;  paper
         cards will be available  only  for QSOs  made during  the  Helvetia
         Contest (23-24 April).

HK     - Once again the  Liga Radio Manizales (HK6RM)  will operate  special
         event station 5K6RM on  2-10 January  during  the annual  Manizales
         Fair.  Expect activity on  160-6 metres  SSB, CW and digital modes.
         QSL via LoTW, eQSL, direct or bureau.

I      - To promote  the  World Radiosport Team Championship  to be held  in
         Italy in July 2023,  twelve special callsigns will be activated be-
         tween 1 January and the end of the IARU HF Championship (10 July at
         11.59 UTC). Look for II1WRTC, II2WRTC, II3WRTC,  II4WRTC,  II5WRTC,
         (the latter from Sardinia) to be QRV on the  HF bands CW, SSB, RTTY
         and FT8. A certificate for QSOs made with special stations  will be
         available; see https://www.wrtc2022.it/en/wrtc2022-award-19.asp for
         the rules and the real-time scoreboard.

LA     - LA100B is the special callsign for NRRL's Bergensgruppen (LA1B)  to
         celebrate its 100th anniversary throughout 2022. Several classes of
         awards will be offered for contacts made with LA100B;  look for the
         rules to be published on 1 January: https://www.la1b.no/.

PA     - The Dutch city of Leiden will be  European City of Science in 2022,
         and will host a  365-day science festival  "for anyone with an  in-
         quisitive mind" (https://leiden2022.nl/).  Members of  VERON Leiden
         will participate in the event and will be active as PA22L.  QSL via
         the bureau to PI4LDN.

VP2M   - Thaire, W2APF  will be active as  VP2MDX  from  Montserrat (NA-103)
         from 9 January to 18 February.  He will operate CW and SSB on 80-10
         metres. QSL via W2APF. [TNX The Daily DX]

VU     - Once  again  the  West Bengal Radio Club (VU2WB)  will provide  as-
         sistance during the Ganga Sagar Mela on Sagar Island (AS-153). This
         is the annual gathering of Hindu pilgrims to take a holy dip in the
         Ganges, where the river merges with the Bay of Bengal.  Expect some
         activity on the HF bands as AU2GSI on 5-16 January. QSL via VU2JFA.
         [TNX The Daily DX]

XE     - "90 Years 90 Radio Days"  is an operating event for the  Federacion
         Mexicana de Radioexperimentadores (FMRE) to celebrate the  90th an-
         niversary  since  its foundation  (10 January 1932).  4A90FMRE  and
         other 32 special callsigns  (from each of the federal entities:  31
         states plus Mexico City) will be activated as follows:
         1-15 January            4A90CMX, 4A90COL, 4A90EMX, 4A90GTO, 4A90HGO
                                 4A90JAL, 4A90MIC
         10 January              4A90FMRE
         16-30 January           4A90MOR, 4A90NAY, 4A90PUE, 4A90QRO, 4A90TLX
         31 January-14 February  4A90AGS, 4A90BAC, 4A90BCS, 4A90COA, 4A90CHH
         15 February-1 March     4A90NLE, 4A90SLP, 4A90SIN, 4A90SON, 4A90TAM
         2-16 March              4A90CAM, 4A90CHI, 4A90GRO, 4A90OAX, 4A90QUI
                                 4A90TAB, 4A90YUC
         17-31 March             4A90FMRE

         The logs will be uploaded to LoTW at the end of the activity. Three
         certificates  will be available  -  see http://fmre90.puebladx.org/
         for the rules and other information.


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