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Круглий стіл: ведучий UR4PWL op. Микола
Щонеділі на 3,603 MHz о 08:30 укр.
Постійно на УКХ - 145,400 та 435,400 MHz

425 DX News #1597
Субота, 11 грудня 2021, 07:46

6W     - 6W1TG is the  permanent callsign  issued to  Dani, EA4ATI,  who has
         been in Senegal since July [425DXN 1575]. He operates mainly SSB on
         80-10 metres. QSL via EA4R (direct or bureau) and LoTW. [TNX EA4R]

7P     - Chris, ZS1CDG plans to be active again as  7P8GOZ  from Lesotho  on
         20-26 December. He will operate holiday style on  40, 20, 15 and 10
         metres FT8. QSL via LoTW or home call. [TNX DX World]

FT/X   - Arthur Perrin, FT4XW is an electronic engineer currently  stationed
         at Port-aux-Francais, Kerguelen Islands, until December 2022.  "I'm
         a total newbie at ham radio", he says, and "I do not know if I will
         succeed  to establish  radio  contacts,  but I remain  optimistic".
         Thierry, F6CUK is in touch with him,  and confirms he is  "100% le-
         gitimate" but "not QRV yet (too busy for work)". Arthur is equipped
         to run  20 watts  to a  vertical antenna.  QSL via F6EXV,  and LoTW
         after six months.

GM     - The Kilmarnock and Loudoun Amateur Radio Club has been asked by the
         organizers of the celebrations to commemorate the 100th anniversary
         of the reception of the first transmission by amateur radio  across
         the Atlantic to operate a station adjacent to the site of the orig-
         inal experiment at Ardrossan (Scotland).  Look for GS2ZE  to be QRV
         on 11-12 December,  from 12 UTC to 12 UTC (24 hours),  using CW and
         SSB. QSL via M0OXO's OQRS.

HS     - Brad, VK2BY will be active again as  HS0ZNR from the  Nam Yuen dis-
         trict in northeastern Thailand between  12 December and 21 January.
         QSL direct to VK2BY and LoTW.

JA     - JI3DST/6, JJ5RBH/6 and JS6RRR/6  will be active from  Tanega Island
         (AS-032) from 25 December to 10 January. Look for activity on 80-6m
         CW, SSB and digital modes. QSL via operator's instructions. [TNX DX

PA     - PG44FF is the special callsign that Lars, PH0NO will use to promote
         the Flora & Fauna Netherlands Programme (http://www.pa-ff.nl/)  be-
         tween late 2021 and early 2022. QSL via Club Log's OQRS.

TZ     - Ulmar, DK1CE has extended his stay in Mali  [425DXN 1592],  and now
         expects to be  QRV as TZ1CE  until 15 December.  QSL via DK1CE  and
         logsearch  on  Club Log  ("the FT8 log will be updated  daily",  he
         says, while the  "CW/SSB  log will only  be available  on  Club Log
         after the end of my operations in Mali").

UA     - Yaroslav R1BET, Yulia R1CBL  and  Mikhail R1MJ will be active  from
         Peredovik (Esisaari) Island (EU-117) on  11-12 December.  Bands and
         modes will depend on local conditions,  and will be decided when on
         the island.

UN     - Celebrating the  30th anniversary  of the  Republic of Kazakhstan's
         independence  (16 December 1991),  special  event stations  UN30RK,
         UO30RK, UP30RK and UQ30RK will be active on 11-19 December. QSL via
         LoTW, paper cards will not be available.

V4     - Victor, WB0AA will be active as V4/WB0AA from St. Kitts (NA-104) on
         22-30 December.  He will operate CW and SSB on  160-10 metres.  QSL
         via home call and possibly LoTW. [TNX The Daily DX]

XE     - Zalo, XE3N will be active as 4C10M on 10 metres for 10 days  (10-20
         December), including an entry in the ARRL 10-Meter Contest. QSL via


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08.07.1972 UR3PGC Руслан Рижко
10.07.1979 UR3PKG Валентин Дацишин
14.07.2004 UR3PBO Володимир Чайніков
15.07.1996 UR3PCW Павло Яцина
16.07.1960 US-P-39 Микола Кисельов
16.07.1997 UR3PTA Володимир Коцішевський
17.07.1958 UR3PFU Олег Супоровський
17.07.2010 UR3PBQ Арсен Гузар
29.07.1981 UZ8PA Олександр Романюк

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