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Круглий стіл: ведучий UR4PWL op. Микола
Щонеділі на 3,603 MHz о 08:30 укр.
Постійно на УКХ - 145,400 та 435,400 MHz

425 DX News #1591
Субота, 30 жовтня 2021, 06:28

3A     - EA3NT, G4PVM, MM0NDX and RA9USU  will participate  in the  CQ WW DX
         SSB Contest as 3A3A from the Principality of Monaco. QSL via UA3DX.
         Also, look for 3A/homecalls before and after the contest.  Club Log
         shows Monaco at #4 Most Wanted for NA West Coast (SSB), and #9 Most
         Wanted for  NA East Coast (SSB).  "The reason for  this  is because
         most of North America is blocked by mountains to the north and west
         of Monaco.  However, the 3A3A team are in a  fortunate position  of
         being permitted roof  access to a  5-star waterfront hotel  whereby
         they will erect  an assortment of antennas  with a view  to working
         the world, and a special focus on NA.  Other regions  which greatly
         needs 3A on SSB include Far East AS (#26) and VK/ZL (#63)". [TNX DX

A4     - A team from the  Royal Omani Amateur Radio Society (ROARS)  will be
         active as A44M from Masirah Island (AS-014) during the CQ WW DX SSB
         Contest.  Outside  the contest,  between 28 October and 1 November,
         they will be QRV as  A43MI  on various bands  and  modes.  QSL both
         callsigns via Club Log's OQRS, LoTW and eQSL.

DL     - Celebrating  the  35th anniversary  of the  European DX Foundation,
         special callsign  DL35EUDXF  will be active on  1-30 November,  and
         after that from  time to time  until 31 October 2022.  QSL via Club
         Log's OQRS, LoTW, eQSL; bureau cards can also be requested by email
         (dl4eax[@]darc.de).  An award will be available for QSOs made  with
         this and  the other special callsigns,  complete information can be
         found at https://www.eudxf.eu/?p=3906.

EA     - URE San Fernando (EA7URF) is participating in the official celebra-
         tions for the  500th anniversary of the  first circumnavigation  of
         the Earth [425DXN 1467].  The seventh in a series of AM500  special
         event  stations  representing  a  milestone  of the voyage  will be
         AM500ESP, to be active on 20-27 November to memorialize the arrival
         of the ships "Victoria" and "Trinidad" to the Spice Islands  (islas
         de  las Especias),  i.e.  the Moluccas. QSL via  EA7URF  (bureau or
         direct), LoTW and eQSL.

FT_ant - David, F4FKT will be active as  FT4YM and  FT4YM/p from  Antarctica
         between now  and  approximately  late February-early March.  In his
         spare  time  he will operate  mainly SSB on  40 and 20 metres  from
         various bases, including Concordia,  Little Dome C,  Cap Prud'homme
         and  Dumont d'Urville on  Petrels Island (AN-017).  Updates will be
         posted to the Polar DX Group's Facebook group. QSL via F5PFP.

ON     - Also celebrating the 35th anniversary of the European DX Foundation
         will be OQ35EUDXF from Belgium.  Look for SSB, CW, RTTY and FT8/FT4
         activity on 1-30 November. QSL via ON6CC, Club Log's OQRS and LoTW.

ON     - Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the  Antarctic Treaty,  members
         of UBA Section NOK (ON4NOK) will be active as OQ60ANT from 1 Novem-
         ber to 31 December.  All QSOs will be confirmed  automatically  via
         the bureau; logsearch and OQRS on Club Log.

PY     - Special callsign PV60CRASC will be active on 1-30 November in cele-
         bration of the  60th anniversary of the  Clube dos Radioamadores de
         Sao Carlos (PY2CA).  QSL via PT2OP,  direct (preferred)  or bureau,
         LoTW and eQSL.

SP     - The Bydgoszcz Amateur Radio Club (SP2PBY) will be active as SN1BUW,
         SN3IW, SN4ESH and SN4IU on  8-21 November  to honour the memory  of
         Henryk Kruszynski  SP2BUW  (1957-2020),   Ryszard Czerwinski  SP2IW
         (1932-2018),  Boleslaw  Krzymin  SP2ESH  (1936-2016)  and  Zbigniew
         Gorgolewski SP2IU (1933-2017). QSL via SP2PBY and logsearch on Club
         Log. A certificate will be available: http://www.sp2pby.pl/.

UA     - Besides R325FR and R325WMF [425DXN 1590], a large number of special
         callsigns will be active between 30 October and 30 November for the
         325th anniversary  of  the  Russian Navy:  R325B,  R325BF,  R325CF,
         R325F, R325G, R325K, R325KF, R325N, R325P,  R325RF, R325S,  R325SF,
         R325SSF, R325TF, R325Z.  QSL via operators' instructions.

V5     - Gunter, DK2WH will be active again as V51WH and V55Y (contest call)
         from Namibia between November 2021 and March 2022.  QSLs via DK2WH,
         direct or bureau. He does not use LoTW.

VE     - Look for Eric, VA2IDX/p to be active from Anticosti Island (NA-077)
         on 2-7 November.  He will operate QRP CW on 20 and maybe 40 metres.
         QSL via home call and LoTW. [TNX The Daily DX]

ZF     - Stan, K5GO  will be active again as ZF9CW  and  ZF5T (contest call)
         from Cayman Brac (NA-016)  until 24 March 2022.  He operates mainly
         CW, with some SSB and no digital modes. QSLs via LoTW, or direct to
         home call. [TNX The Daily DX]

CQ WW DX SSB CONTEST ---> The following stations  have announced  their par-
ticipation in this year's event (30-31 October):

ZONE   CALL          CATEGORY     COUNTRY              QSL VIA      
02     VE2IM         SOAB HP      Canada               VE3DZ        
02     VY0ERC                     Canada               LoTW/M0OXO  
05     VP9I          SOAB LP      Bermuda              LoTW/WW3S    
08     8P1W          SO           Barbados             KU9C        
08     C6AHB                      Bahamas              LoTW/NN2T    
08     FG4KH         SO           Guadeloupe           LoTW/F1DUZ  
08     HI3LT         M/M          Dominican Republic   EB7DX        
08     J68HZ         M/?          St. Lucia            LoTW/K9HZ    
08     KP2B          Explorer     Virgin Isls          EB7DX        
08     KP3Z          M/S          Puerto Rico          N4AO        
08     NP2J          SOSB 160m    Virgin Isls          LoTW/K8RF    
08     PJ5/W5JON     SO           St Eustatius         LoTW/W5JON  
08     TO7O          SOAB         Martinique           LoTW/EA1BP  
08     V26B          M/S          Antigua & Barbuda    LoTW/KA2AEV  
08     WP3C          SOAB         Puerto Rico          M0OXO        
08     ZF1A          M/S          Cayman Islands       LoTW/K7ZO    
09     FY5KE         M/S          French Guiana        LoTW        
09     P40W          SOAB         Aruba                LoTW/N2MM    
09     PJ2T          M/M          Curacao              LoTW/W3HNK  
09     PJ4K          M/2          Bonaire              KU9C        
09     YV5KG         SOSB 160m HP Venezuela            LoTW/YV5KG  
10     HD8R          M/2          Galapagos            EA5RM        
11     PY0F          M/?          Fernando de Noronha  PY7RP        
13     LP7D          M/S          Argentina            LoTW/LP7D    
14     3A3A          M/?          Monaco               UA3DX        
14     CR2M          M/?          Azores               LoTW        
14     ED1R          M/?          Spain                LoTW        
14     ED7O          M/?          Spain                ED7O        
14     HB0A          M/S          Liechtenstein        HB0A        
14     HB9NE         M/S          Switzerland          LoTW        
14     LA4C          M/2          Norway               LoTW/LA4C    
14     LN8W          M/M          Norway               LoTW/LA6YEA  
14     LX/ON4EI      SOAB LP      Luxembourg           LoTW        
14     MX4Y          M/S          England              eQSL        
14     PI4M          M/2          Netherlands          LoTW/PA0MBD  
14     SD6D          M/M          Sweden               bureau      
15     IS0/OM2TW     SOSB 80m     Sardinia             LoTW/OM2FY  
15     OF1F          M/S          Finland              LoTW        
15     Z60A          M/2          Kosovo               OH2BH        
15     Z68XX         SO           Kosovo               DL2JRM      
17     EY8MM         SOSB 40m     Tajikistan           W0VTT        
20     SX16V         SO           Greece               SV2HJW      
20     TC7G          M/S LP       Turkey               LoTW        
20     TC7TR         M/?          Turkey               LoTW        
21     4L2M          SO           Georgia              EA7FTR      
21     4L8A          SOSB 15m     Georgia              LoTW/M0OXO  
21     9K2K          SOSB 15m     Kuwait               LoTW/EC6DX  
21     A44M          M/?          Oman                 LoTW        
21     A47RS         SO Classic   Oman                 LoTW/A47RS  
23     B0A           M/S          China                BA4TB        
24     B4T           M/2          China                BA4TB        
26     E2A           M/S          Thailand             LoTW/E21EIC  
26     HS2UPR        M/S          Thailand             HS2UPR      
26     HS8HEX        M/S          Thailand             HS8HEX      
28     7A2A          M/?          Indonesia            LoTW        
28     YB0ECT        SOSB 20m     Indonesia            W2FB        
31     KH7M          SOAB         Hawaii               LoTW        
31     KH7Q          SOAB         Hawaii               LoTW/AH6NF  
33     CQ3W                       Madeira              LoTW        
33     CQ9T          M/S          Madeira              LoTW        
33     IH9/OK1M      SOSB 80m     AF Italy             OK1M        
33     IH9YMC        SOSB         AF Italy             LoTW        
35     C5C           M/?          The Gambia           F5RAV        
40     JW5E                       Svalbard             LoTW        
40     OX7A          M/?          Greenland            LoTW/OZ1ACB  
40     TF3T          SOAB or SOSB Iceland              LoTW/TF3MH  


Вітаємо іменинників!

01.11.1975 UR3PBR Леонтій Оніщук
06.11.1951 US1PM Борис Бусловський
08.11.1974 US0PD Дмитро Оксентович
10.11.1965 UZ5DX Дмитро Павлік
13.11.1953 UR3PAX Михайло Юрко
14.11.1954 UY0PX Григорiй Горайчук
15.11.1987 UR3PGV Михайло Бас
21.11.1972 UR3PRU Iгор Шаровський
23.11.2006 US1PAM Марія Охманюк
24.11.1957 UT2PL Андрiй Шоцький
27.11.1945 UR3PBH Микола Тюхта
28.11.1974 UR3PBN Антон Арженіков

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