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Круглий стіл: ведучий UR4PWL op. Микола
Щонеділі на 3,603 MHz о 08:30 укр.
Постійно на УКХ - 145,400 та 435,400 MHz

425 DX News #1587
Субота, 02 жовтня 2021, 06:28

3B8    - Nobby, G0VJG has cancelled his  8Q7CQ  operation  from the Maldives
         [425DXN 1585], and expects to be active as 3B8/G0VJG from Mauritius
         (AF-049) on 2-16 October instead.  He will operate SSB  and digital
         modes on 80-10 metres. QSL via M0OXO's OQRS.

3B9    - Robert, 3B9FR,  who was QRT for a couple of years,  has been active
         again since 24 September.  A resident of Rodrigues Island (AF-017),
         he operates mainly CW,  with some  occasional SSB and FT8.  QSL via
         M0OXO's OQRS (https://www.m0oxo.com/oqrs).

3D2    - Phill, 3D2TS (FK1TS) will be active as  3D2TS/p  from Rakiraki,  on
         the northern coast of Viti Levu (OC-016), Fiji on 2-4 October "as a
         test run for longer stint in November".  QSL via  M0OXO's OQRS  and

8Q     - Tommy, DL8KX will be active  holiday style as  8Q7KX  from the Mal-
         dives (AS-013) from 30 September to 11 October.  QSL via Club Log's
         OQRS (preferred), or via home call.

9A     - 9A302AA is the callsign that Tom, 9A2AA is using until 13 July 2022
         to celebrate the 30th aniversary of Croatia's independence. QSL via

CX     - Members of the Uruguay DX Group  will be active as  CW60ATS  from 1
         October to 31 December  to celebrate the  60th anniversary  of  the
         Antarctic Treaty System. QSL via CX8ABF. [TNX CX3AN]

DL     - Celebrating  DARC Ortsverband Backnang's 70th anniversary,  special
         callsign DP70BAC  will be active until the end of the year. QSL via
         DH1OK and eQSL.  Also active until  31 December  will be DM50ZVN, a
         special callsign celebrating DARC Ortsverband Schoenau's golden ju-
         bilee. QSL via the bureau.

F      - Special callsign TM44RT will be active on 3-5 October  to celebrate
         the  50th  anniversary  of the  French Army's  44th Signal Regiment
         (44eme  Regiment  de  Transmissions).  Look for activity on  the HF
         bands CW and SSB. QSL via F5KBB.

FY     - Curtis, KC5CW will be active as FY/KC5CW from French Guiana between
         8 October and 3 November. He will operate SSB, slow CW, PSK and FT8
         (Fox & Hound) on 160-6 metres.  He will upoload his log to LoTW and
         Club Log. [TNX The Daily DX]

GM     - Celebrating the  90th anniversary of the  Guide Dogs for the  Blind
         Association,  and hosted by the the  West of Scotland Amateur Radio
         Society's club station, GB4GDS will be active between 6 October and
         2 November. QSL via GM4DAE.

HL     - Special callsign HL30UN will be active on 1-31 October to celebrate
         the 30th anniversary since the  Republic of Korea  was admitted  to
         membership in the UN. QSL via EA5GL.

HL     - Lee, HL1IWD will be active holiday style as  HL1IWD/5 from  Saryang
         Island (AS-081) on 9-11 October. He will operate mainly CW and FT8.
         QSL via EA5GL.

I      - Special callsign II6OANT (II6 Oscar ANT) has been issued for Gianni
         I1HYW to take part in the celebrations for the 60th anniversary  of
         the Antarctic Treaty System. Look for activity from 1 October to 31
         December. QSL via home call.  A resume of the  certificates  avail-
         able for contacting the various commemorative stations can be found
         on http://www.waponline.it/6oats-anniversary/6oats-awards/.

IS0    - Richard, OK8WW (OM2TW) will be active  holiday style  as  IS0/OM2TW
         from Sardinia  from  23 October to 1 November.  He will operate CW,
         SSB and various digital modes on 80-10 metres, and will participate
         in the  CQ WW DX SSB Contest  in the  SOSB (80m) category.  QSL via
         LoTW or OM2FY. [TNX OK8WW]

JW     - Look for  JW7XK (QSL via LA7XK and LoTW),  JW9DL (QSL via LA9DL and
         LoTW) and JW6VM (QSL via LA6VM) to be active from Longyearbyen (EU-
         026), Svalbard  on 6-11 October.  They will participate  in the SSB
         leg  of the  Scandinavian Activity Contest  (9-10 October) as  JW5X
         (QSL via LA5X). [TNX The Daily DX]

LU     - Special callsign LO60CN will be active at various times between  21
         September and 31 December to celebrate the  60th anniversary of the
         Servicio Auxiliar  de  Radioaficionados de  la Armada (LU2CN),  the
         Auxiliary  Service of  the Argentinian  Navy  Radio  Amateurs.  See
         https://www.qrz.com/db/LU2CN for more information.

LU     - Hernan "Capi", LU1COP will be active as LU1COP/E from Martin Garcia
         Island (SA-055) on 8-12 October.  He will operate SSB and FT8.  QSL
         via EA7FTR. See http://lu1cop.capicom.com.ar/LU1COP-E/ for more in-

LX     - Look for Gerard LX/PA0PIW, Gert LX/PA2LO, Maarten LX/PA3EYC, Tijmen
         LX/PA3GRM and Hans LX/PE1KWH to be active from Luxembourg on  12-19
         October.  They will operate CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8 on  160-6 metres.
         QSLs via the bureau to PA3EYC and LoTW; logsearch on Club Log.

OJ0    - Pasi, OH3WS will be active again as OJ0WS from Market Reef (EU-053)
         on 3-9 October.  He will operate CW only  on 160 metres  and  other
         bands, "with the possibility of participating the SAC SSB".  Pasi's
         will be the last activity from Market Reef for this season. QSL via
         OH3WS. [TNX The Daily DX]

SM     - Frank, DH0JAE will be active as SM/DH0JAE from Hano Island (EU-138)
         on 2-5 October. He will operate CW and SSB on 30-17 metres. QSL via
         Club Log's OQRS, or via home call. [TNX DX Newsletter]

VE     - Alex, VE1RUS and Pierre, VE3TKB will be  active again from  VY0ERC,
         the Eureka Amateur Radio Club station located  on  Ellesmere Island
         (NA-008, CQ Zone 2) between  12 October and 22 November.  They plan
         to participate  in the  CQ WW DX SSB Contest  and  the  ARRL Sweep-
         stakes.  QSL via M0OXO's OQRS and LoTW.  Updates will be posted  to
         https://twitter.com/vy0erc.  Meanwhile, prior to their departure to
         Ellesmere, they are isolating in Yellowknife (mainland Canada)  and
         hope to be on air as VE3KTB/VE8. [TNX M0OXO]

VK     - Andy, VK5MAV will be active again as VK5MAV/p  from  Granite Island
         (OC-228) next week. He will not be able to overnight on the island,
         as access is limited to daytime hours only. Look for him to operate
         CW on 20 metres on 4-5 October (approximately from 20 to 9 UTC) and
         on 5-6 October (same time). QSL via Club Log's OQRS.

W      - Oleh, KD7WPJ will be active from Santa Cruz Island (NA-144)  on 2-3
         October.  He will operate CW, FT8 and SSB on 40-10 metres.  QSL via
         home call. [TNX KD7WPJ]

W      - Special event stations N0F, N1F, N2F, N3F, N4F, N5F, N6F, N7F,  N8F
         and N9F, plus KF2IRE  and VA3FIRE (Canada)  will be active  on  4-9
         October for the Fire Prevention Week 2021. QSL cards for any of the
         FPW stations should be sent direct to  Fire Prevention Week Special
         Event, c/o Siemens Fire Safety USA,  8 Fernwood Road,  Florham Park
         NJ 07932, USA. See http://hamfire.com/ for more information  on the

W      - Members of the Central Arizona DX Association will operate as K7UGA
         between 15 UTC on 4 October and 7 UTC on 9 October,  and during the
         Arizona QSO Party (from 15 UTC on 9 October to 5 UTC on 10 October:
         https://www.azqp.org/). The special event operation is in honour of
         the former US Senator from Arizona, onetime presidential candidate,
         and noted radio amateur Barry M. Goldwater, K7UGA (1909-1998).  QSL
         via LoTW, or direct to K7BHM.


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06.10.1944 UT4PA Георгiй Середюк
07.10.1958 4Z5KU Леонiд Беркович
07.10.1970 UT4PZ Євген Охманюк
13.10.1946 UR3PG Василь Алпеєв
13.10.1975 UR3PFK Володимир Величко
17.10.1968 UR3PCV Вiталiй Жомерчук
20.10.1958 UR3PEV Олександр Kорольченко
25.10.1978 UR3PTC Тетяна Добровольська
25.10.1999 UR3PRI Єлизавета Добровольська
26.10.1948 UT1PO Сергiй Шарко
30.10.1947 UR5PG Валентин Гаган

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