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Круглий стіл: ведучий UR4PWL op. Микола
Щонеділі на 3,603 MHz о 08:30 укр.
Постійно на УКХ - 145,400 та 435,400 MHz

JIDX CW 2022 не приймає звіти від росії та білорусі
Середа, 06 квітня 2022, 06:50

Сьогодні контест комітет Japan International DX Contest оголосив, що у світлі вторгнення росії та білорусі в Україну не буде приймати заявки на JIDX CW від російських та білоруських станцій.
Усі QSO з цими станціями не даватимуть балів та множників. Журнали, подані цими станціями, будуть прийматися лише як журнали перевірки (check log).

Info: http://www.jidx.org/

425 DX News #1613
Субота, 02 квітня 2022, 08:13

F      - Special callsign TM5OIS  will be activated on  9-18 April  from the
         city  of  Abbeville  and  other  locations  in  the  Bay  of  Somme
         (TM5OIS/p) during the 31st edition of the Bird and Nature Festival.
         QSL via F5KRH.

425 DX News #1612
Субота, 26 березня 2022, 15:50

9H     - Br. John Cassar,  OFMCap,  9H1CJ  (ex 5Z4JC)  is a Franciscan friar
         operating  from the  Capuchin friary  in Floriana,  Malta (EU-023).
         From  1 April  to  30 June  he will be active as 9H6CAP,  a special
         callsign commemorating the 80th anniversary  of the destruction  of
         the historic friary and  adjacent church during  World War II  (4-5
         April 1942). QSL direct to home call.

Призупинення членства рф та білорусі в CEPT
Неділя, 20 березня 2022, 08:50

  Outcome of the written procedure with the CEPT Assembly regarding suspension of the Russian Federation and Belarus from CEPT Membership.
  Based on a request from a number of CEPT members, the CEPT Presidency carried out a written procedure, in accordance with the CEPT Arrangement, on the proposal to suspend indefinitely and with immediate effect the memberships of the Russian Federation and Belarus in the CEPT.
  Thirty-four responses were received to the CEPT Assembly letter in support of the proposal and one abstention.
  Based on the above, the CEPT Assembly has therefore decided:
- to suspend indefinitely memberships of the Russian Federation and Belarus in the CEPT.
- that the suspension of the said CEPT members will take effect as from 00:00 (CET), 18 March 2022.
- that any future readmission to the CEPT would follow the usual rules established in the CEPT Arrangement, notably the need for a two-thirds majority of members of the CEPT to endorse such a decision.
  Moreover, the CEPT Presidency requested the Office to take all necessary measures in order to set in place the above-mentioned decisions.

The CEPT Presidency
Info: https://cept.org/

SP DX Contest 2022 скасовано
Субота, 19 березня 2022, 11:15

Na wspólnym posiedzeniu PZK, SPDXC i Komisji SP DX Contest 2022 po dyskusji i wysłuchaniu opinii zaproszonych gości postanowiono odwołać tegoroczne zawody SP DX Contest.

PZK, SPDXC, Komisja SP DX Contest 2022
Info: https://pzk.org.pl/

425 DX News #1611
Субота, 19 березня 2022, 11:13

3A     - Commemorating  the 100th anniversary  of the  passing of  Albert I,
         Prince of Monaco (1848-1922), members of the Association des Radio-
         amateurs de Monaco (ARM) will operate SSB, CW and  digital modes as
         3A5M from 1 April to 31 May. QSL via the bureau.  Prince Albert de-
         voted much of his life to  oceanography, exploration  and  science;
         his active involvement in oceanography culminated in his establish-
         ment of the Oceanographic Institute in Paris and the world-renowned
         Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. [TNX F6AJA]

CQ to Limit Contest Participation by Stations in Russia, Belarus and Donbas Region Due to Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Четвер, 17 березня 2022, 09:12

  CQ Communications, Inc., publishers of CQ Amateur Radio magazine and sponsor of the CQ World Wide DX and WPX Contests, announced today that in light of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and Belarus, it will not accept competitive entries in any of its sponsored contests by amateur radio stations in Russia, Belarus or the separatist Donbas region of Ukraine (unofficial D1 prefix). Logs submitted by these stations will be accepted only as checklogs. In addition, contacts with these stations by other participants will have zero point value and will not count as multipliers.
  This is in line with a similar action taken by the Radio Society of Great Britain, following the lead of other international sports federations around the world.
“We regret the need to take this action,” said CQ Publisher Richard Ross, K2MGA, “and recognize that the vast majority of our fellow amateurs who are affected by it are innocent bystanders who had no role in their government’s decision to invade another sovereign country. However, in light of the great suffering being inflicted without cause on the people of Ukraine by Russia’s leaders, we cannot in good conscience stand by and do nothing.”
  The CQ policy will take effect with the 2022 CQ WPX SSB Contest on March 26 and 27. Future events will be considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on the situation at that time.

Info: https://cqwpx.com/blog/

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