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а/с 5, м. Ковель, Волинська обл., 45008
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Чуйко Iван Феодосiйович UT1PF
тел. 0974974517
E-mail: ut1pg(at)lrv.net.ua

Круглий стіл: ведучий UR4PWL op. Микола
Щонеділі на 3,603 MHz о 08:30 укр.
Постійно на УКХ - 145,400 MHz
Аналоговий ретранслятор R80
м. Луцьк:
438,900 / 431,300 MHz
DMR ретранслятор R73
м. Луцьк
- 438,725 / 431,125 CC1

425 DX News #1553
Субота, 06 лютого 2021, 12:03

3A     - Look for Mireille, 3A/F4FRL and Patrice, 3A/F5RBB to be active from
         Monaco between  24 February and 2 March.  They will operate SSB and
         digital modes on  40-20 metres.  QSL via LoTW  and  eQSL.  [TNX Les
         Nouvelles DX]

3W     - 3W9FAR is the  callsign that  Sebastian, SP5FAR will be using  from
         Vietnam.  He has been in the city of Da Nang since 21 January,  and
         will remain there until 21 March. In his spare time he will operate
         SSB and digital on 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres. QSL via eQSL. [TNX The
         Daily DX]

A9     - Members  of the  Bahrain Amateur Radio  Society  will be active  as
         A91SD on 5-9 February to promote  Bahrain Sports Day  (9 February).
         QSL via LoTW, or via EC6DX.

C9     - Bruno, CS7AMN  will be active  as  C91BVA  from  Maputo, Mozambique
         starting on 18 February.  He will operate SSB and digital modes  on
         80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres. QSL via LoTW, eQSL, or via the bureau
         to CS7AMN. He will upload his log to Club Log.

CO     - Once again special station T45FM will be QRV from the lighthouse at
         Punta Maya on 19-21 February  for the American Lighthouses Weekend.
         Expect activity on 80-10 metres SSB, CW and digital. QSL via RW6HS.
         [TNX RW6HS]

DL     - Commemorating  the  220th anniversary  of the  birth  of  Friedrich
         Clemens  Gerke,  members  of  DARC Ortsverband Kerpen G29  will  be
         active as  DC220GERKE  from  2 February to 30 April.  QSL via DJ6SI
         (direct or bureau). Gerke (1801-1888) was the reformer of the Morse
         code; his improved version of the original code was adopted by  the
         International  Telegraph  Union  (the precursor of today's ITU)  in

F      - Alain, F6BFH has moved permanently on Oleron Island (EU-032)  since
         14 April 2020.  IOTA chasers should be looking for him at  9 and 17
         UTC on Saturdays (14040 kHz CW) and on Sundays (14260 kHz SSB). For
         the time being, as a number of bureaux are still closed,  those who
         need a QSL card can  email the QSO data to  f6bfh[@]f6bfh.net,  and
         Alain will send the card direct at his own expense. [TNX F6BFH].

F      - Francois, F8DVD will be active as TM18AAW  on  14-28 February,  in-
         cluding the  18th Antarctic Activity Week (20-28 February). He will
         be QRV from his  home QTH in  Macon, France.  QSL via LoTW,  or via
         home call (direct or bureau). [TNX Les Nouvelles DX]

I      - Promoting  World Radio Day  (13 February),  the  UN Global  Service
         Center ARC (4U1GSC) in Brindisi will be active as  4U13FEB on  2-28
         February. DXCC wise, it counts for Italy.  QSL via 9A2AA, direct or
         bureau. Also active on 13 February will be Michel, F8GGZ as TM23JMR
         from France (QSL via home call)  and  Radio Club Henares as  EH4WRD
         from Spain (QSL via EA4RCH). World Radio Day was proclaimed in 2011
         by the Member States of UNESCO, and adopted  by the  United Nations
         General Assembly in 2012 as an International Day.

JA     - Members of JARL Joetsu Club (JA0YMA) will be active as  8N0J  until
         30 April 2022  to  celebrate  the  50th anniversary of  the city of
         Joetsu, Niigata. All QSOs will be confirmed  automatically  via the
         bureau and eQSL, direct cards via JJ0AWX.

KH9    - Thomas, NL7RR plans to be back on Wake Island (OC-053) starting  in
         mid-February for 90 days. Last time he was there (October 2020)  he
         was active  as  NL7RR/KH9 on  40 and 20 metres SSB.  QSL direct  to
         AL7JX. [TNX The Daily DX]

UR     - Special  callsign  EM25VER  has been active  since  1  February  to
         celebrate the 25th anniversary of  the Antarctic station  "Akademik
         Vernadsky"  (formerly  a British  research base  that  existed  for
         nearly fifty years,  it was handed over  to Ukraine  on  6 February
         1996). QSL via UT1KY.

VK     - Celebrating  the  100th anniversary  of  the  Royal Australian  Air
         Force, special callsigns  VI100AF and VK100AF  will be active on  1
         March-29 May and 1 March-31 August respectively.  The special event
         callsigns  will be used  by  amateurs from  around  Australia on  a
         roster basis.  QSLs via M0URX's OQRS (https://www.m0urx.com/oqrs/),
         or  direct  only  to  Tim Beaumont,  83 Limbrick Avenue,  Coventry,
         CV4 9EX, United Kingdom.
YU     - Members of the Serbian CW Club  will be active as  YT165TESLA until
         the end of the year  to commemorate the  165th anniversary  of  the
         birth of Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856).  QSL via the bureau, LoTW, or
         direct to YU1MM.


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08.02.1980 UR3PCR Роман Подольський
09.02.1952 UR3PAL Ростислав Клец
09.02.2001 UR3PAM Максим Кондратюк
20.02.1961 UT1PX Вiталiй Малиновський
23.02.1985 UR3PGX Андрій Ковальчук

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