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а/с 5, м. Ковель, Волинська обл., 45008
Президент ЛРВ:
Чуйко Iван Феодосiйович UT1PF
тел. 0974974517
E-mail: ut1pg(at)lrv.net.ua

Круглий стіл: ведучий UR4PWL op. Микола
Щонеділі на 3,603 MHz о 08:30 укр.
Постійно на УКХ - 145,400 MHz
Аналоговий ретранслятор R80
м. Луцьк:
438,900 / 431,300 MHz
DMR ретранслятор R73
м. Луцьк
- 438,725 / 431,125 CC1

425 DX News #1534
Понеділок, 28 вересня 2020, 17:52

5U     - Adrien, F4IHM is on a mission in Niamey, Niger, and plans to be QRV
         as 5U4IHM on 40 and 20 metres CW using a straight key."I'm a begin-
         ner in CW, sorry about that", he says. QSL via home call, direct or

FO     - Cezar, VE3LYC will be active as  TX0T from  Tatakoto Atoll (OC-298,
         new one  for  IOTA),  French Polynesia  between  29 October  and  5
         November.  His goal is to make 4000 QSOs with at least  2500 unique
         stations located on six continents. He will be QRV primarily on 40,
         30,  20  and  17  metres  CW and SSB.  QSL  via  Club  Log's   OQRS
         (preferred), or via VE3LYC.  Bookmark https://tx0t.weebly.com/  for
HB0    - The NB-DX Team (ON6NB) will be active as HB0/OP2D from Triesenberg,
         Liechtenstein from 27 September to 2 October.  Team members include
         ON4ANN, ON4EC and ON2BDJ. This will be a "light" expedition with an
         emphasis on the low bands.
JW     - A team from NRRL's Oslogruppen (LA4O) will be active as  JW4O  from
         the JW5E club station  in  Longyearbyen (EU-026), Svalbard  on 8-12
         October.  The main goal  of  the operators  (LA8FTA, LB8IH,  LB8CG,
         LA7WRA, LB7PI, LB1RH and LB9EH) is to participate in the SSB leg of
         the Scandinavian Activity Contest (10-11 October).
JW     - The geomagnetic indexes forecast did not look promising, so Erwann,
         LB1QI  has postponed his trip  to  Longyearbyen (EU-026),  Svalbard
         [425DXN 1533]. He now plans to be QRV as JW/LB1QI on 15-18 October,
         and to operate CW and SSB  on  160-6 metres.  QSL via LoTW,  or via
         home call (direct or bureau).
OA     - Special callsign OA2TP20  will be active  on  23-27 September  from
         Trujillo, "la Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera" (the City of Everlast-
         ing Spring).  Look for activity  40, 30 and 20 metres  SSB and FT8.
         QSL via LoTW and eQSL.
OX     - Bo, OZ1DJJ  will be active again in  his spare time as  OX3LX  from
         Tasiilaq Island (NA-151)  on  26-30 September.  QSL via  Club Log's
         OQRS, LoTW, or via OZ0J.
PY     - PS8RV, PS8ACM, PS8PL and PY1FR will be active as ZY8D from the Ser-
         ra das Confusoes National Park  in the Brazilian state of Piaui  on
         24-27 September. They will operate SSB, CW and FT8 on 80-10 metres.
         QSL via LoTW, or via PS8RV.
SV5    - Wolf, DL3DRN will be active again as SV5/DL3DRN from the island  of
         Rhodes, Dodecanese  (EU-001) from  24 September  to 14 October.  He
         will operate CW, SSB and RTTY  on all bands.  QSL via LoTW,  or via
         home call (direct or bureau).
UA9    - Andrey, R1FW was active as R1FW/0 from Sakhalin Island (AS-018)  on
         22 September. Depending on weather conditions,  he will then be QRV
         from the islands of Iturup (AS-025) and Kunashir (AS-025) until  30
         September.  He operates QRP on 40, 30 and 20 metres mainly CW.  QSL
         via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX qrz.ru]


Вітаємо іменинників!

06.10.1944 UT4PA Георгiй Середюк
07.10.1958 4Z5KU Леонiд Беркович
07.10.1970 UT4PZ Євген Охманюк
13.10.1946 UR3PG Василь Алпеєв
13.10.1975 UR3PFK Володимир Величко
17.10.1968 UR3PCV Вiталiй Жомерчук
20.10.1958 UR3PEV Олександр Kорольченко
25.10.1978 UR3PTC Тетяна Добровольська
25.10.1999 UR3PRI Єлизавета Добровольська
26.10.1948 UT1PO Сергiй Шарко
30.10.1947 UR5PG Валентин Гаган

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