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а/с 5, м. Ковель, Волинська обл., 45008
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Чуйко Iван Феодосiйович UT1PF
тел. 0974974517
E-mail: ut1pg(at)lrv.net.ua

Круглий стіл: ведучий UR4PWL op. Микола
Щонеділі на 3,603 MHz о 08:30 укр.
Постійно на УКХ - 145,400 MHz
Аналоговий ретранслятор R80
м. Луцьк:
438,900 / 431,300 MHz
DMR ретранслятор R73
м. Луцьк
- 438,725 / 431,125 CC1

425 DX News #1514
Неділя, 10 травня 2020, 12:35

5Z     - Members of the Radio Society of Kenya will be active as 5Z4STAYHOME "in recognition of the extraordinary circumstances the current COVID-19 pandemic has wrought globally". All QSLs will be sent via the bureau.

9M     - Members of the Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters Society will operate three special callsigns starting on 15 May for three months: 9M4STAYHOME, 9M4COVID and 9M4DUDUKRUMAH ("stay home" in Malay). Operations will take place from various locations all over Malaysia, with expected activity on the HF and VHF bands SSB, CW and digital modes. QSLs direct to 9W2PD, or via the MARTS bureau.

CN     - In celebration of the  17th birthday of Prince Moulay Hassan, the heir apparent to the Moroccan throne, CN amateurs can use the special  prefix  CN17 on 8-10 May. Expected callsigns include CN17ANT, CN17ATM, CN17AV, CN17LR, CN17MC, CN17NIL, CN17PA, CN17QR, CN17VC, CN17WW and CN17XA (QSLs via  RW6HS); CN17SG (QSL  via EA7FTR); CN17AAD, CN17AM, CN17CE, CN17MAA, CN17NOA, CN17PG, CN17QY, CN17JQ, CN17HAN, CN17OY, CN17IT and CN17MM (QSLs via operators' instructions).

G      - From England, further callsigns commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe (VE Day) include GB0VED (until 19 May, QSL via email: Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів, Вам потрібно включити JavaScript для перегляду ); GB0VER (until 16 May, QSL via eQSL or  direct to M5ATR); GB1VE (until 10 May, QSL via eQSL); GB1VED  (QSL via eQSL or direct to G4CIB); GB2VE (QSL via eQSL); GB4VED (until 21 May, QSL via eQSL); GB5VED (until 10 May, QSL via eQSL); GB6VED (QSL via the bureau); GB75BVE (until 10 May, QSL via eQSL)

GW     - From Wales, further callsigns commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe (VE Day) include GB0VEE (until 9 May, QSL via eQSL) and GB5VEP (QSL via LoTW, eQSL or direct to MW1CFN).

HS     - Members of  the  Radio Amateur Society of Thailand (RAST)  will be active as  E2STAYHOME  from  2 May until 15 July.  All QSOs will be confirmed via LoTW and the bureau; direct cards via E21EIC.

KG4    - Kelly, KG4NE will remain at Guantanamo Bay  "till at least 28 May", or even longer as it all depends when his replacement arrives.  QSL via NM7H, LoTW and eQSL. [TNX The Daily DX]

OE     - Hannes, OE1SGU will be active as  OE30MAGICBAND (WWL JN88eg) from 1 May to 30 June to mark  the  30th anniversary  of the allocation of the 6m band to Austrian amateurs. He will operate  CW, SSB and digital modes. QSL via LoTW and eQSL.

OX     - Bo, OZ1DJJ will be active again in his spare time as OX3LX from Aasiaat Island (NA-134) on 7-21 May. QSL via Club Log's OQRS, LoTW, or via OZ0J.

PY     - Lyra, PY7RL is often active as  PY7RL/7 from his island QTH on Itamaraca (SA-046).  He operates mainly  FT8 and SSB on  40-10 metres. QSL via Club Log's OQRS, LoTW, or direct to  Ricardo Lyra,  Avenida Doutor Jose Augusto Moreira 2222, Torre Norte Apt 101, Olinda - PE, 53130-410, Brazil.

VU     - AT2THC is a special callsign used until 1 August by the Tripura Ham Radio Club in Agartala  to provide assistance  during the  COVID-19 emergency. QSL via VU2LJB.

W      - On 2 November 1920 KDKA in Pittsburgh made the first ever commercial radio broadcast, but in May 1920 the National Bureau of Standards (callsign WWV) had already begun broadcasting weekly "experimental concerts". To commemorate these broadcasts, members of the WWV Amateur Radio Club will operate SSB, CW and digital modes as WW0WWV until 31 May. QSL via LoTW, Club Log's OQRS or direct.

W      - Allan, KV4T and  his wife  Bridget, KS4YT expect  to be active from Grand Isle (NA-168) on 22-25 May. They plan to operate SSB, CW, FT4 and FT8 on 80, 40, 30 and 20 metres  with two stations.  QSL direct to home calls, or via LoTW and eQSL. [TNX The Daily DX]


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02.09.1968 UR3PO Олег Янко
09.09.1951 UT3PN Микола Мочичук
13.09.1962 UT1PQ Олександр Белкот
14.09.1959 UR3PDO Анатолiй Суднiк
16.09.1952 EA5IQS Iван Шумiк
22.09.1949 UR3PAK Володимир Полянський
26.09.1955 US1PS Вiктор Зiнчук
27.09.1944 UT1PA Олександр Мороз
27.09.2006 UR3PBM Станіслав Орищук

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