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Чуйко Iван Феодосiйович UT1PF
тел. 0974974517
E-mail: ut1pg(at)lrv.net.ua

Круглий стіл: ведучий UR4PWL op. Микола
Щонеділі на 3,603 MHz о 08:30 укр.
Постійно на УКХ - 145,400 MHz
Аналоговий ретранслятор R80
м. Луцьк:
438,900 / 431,300 MHz
DMR ретранслятор R73
м. Луцьк
- 438,725 / 431,125 CC1

425 DX News #1501
Вівторок, 11 лютого 2020, 07:54

5H     - Chas, NK8O  will be  active  again as  5H3DX  from  Zinga, Tanzania  between 16 February and 16 March. In his spare time he will operate CW, PSK31,  FT8  and  possibly SSB  on  40-10 metres.  QSL via NK8O (direct only,  see qrz.com for instructions),  LoTW and eQSL.  [TNX The Daily DX]

6Y     - Rob, N1TRK will be active holiday style  as N1TRK/6Y  from  Jamaica (NA-097) on 8-20 February. He will operate mainly FT8 with some SSB on 40, 20, 17 and 10 metres. QSL via LoTW.

8Q     - Hiro, JG1SXP will be active as 8Q7HK from the  Maldives (AS-013) on  19-24 February.  He will operate  FT8,  CW  and  some SSB on  80-15 metres, possibly also on 160 metres  depending on local conditions. QSL via LoTW, Club Log's OQRS, or direct to home call.

9N     - Yuris, YL2GM and Eugene, EA5EL will be active as  9N7AM  from Nepal on 9-16 February.  They will operate  CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8  (Fox & Hound mode) on 160-10 metres with two stations.  QSL via Club Log's OQRS  (direct and bureau), or  direct to  YL2GN.  The logs  will be uploaded to LoTW  six months  after the end of the expedition.  Seehttp://www.lral.lv/9n7am/ for more information.

CE     - Vasily R7AL,  Vlad RK8A,  Leo RW9JZ,  Igor UA3EDQ,  and  Slav OK8AU (RW8A) will be active as XR8RRC from  Villa Puerto Eden, Wellington Island (SA-032) on  12-16 March.  They plan to operate CW, SSB  and FT8 (Fox & Hound mode)  on 40, 30, 20, 17 and 15 metres.  Depending on local conditions,  they might also  go and  operate as  XR8RRC/p from  Riesco Island (SA-091)  for up to 48 hours between  19 and 21 March.  QSLs via Club Log's OQRS (preferred);  those who do not use Club Log should go direct and mail their request to EU7A (maildrop: Andrey N. Teterukov, P.O. Box 13, 212030 Mogilev-30, Belarus).  Seehttps://rv6ali.wixsite.com/patagonia2020 for more information.

CO     - Once again special station T45FM will be QRV from the lighthouse at Punta Maya on 14-16 February  for the American Lighthouses Weekend. Expect activity  on 160-10 metres  SSB, CW and FT8.  QSL via RW6HS. [TNX RW6HS]

DU     - Jacek, SP5APW, will be active  as  DU2/SP5APW  from  Calayan Island (OC-092) on 17-25 April. He will operate SSB and FT8/FT4  on the HF  bands. QSL via Club Log's OQRS, LoTW or via home call.

FG     - Gildas, FG/F6HMQ  and  Michel, FG/F6GWV will be active as TO3Z from Guadeloupe (NA-102) from 21 February to 8 March, including an entry in the ARRL DX SSB Contest. QSL via F6HMQ. [TNX NG3K]

FP     - Once again  Eric, KV1J will  be  active as  FP/KV1J  from  Miquelon Island (NA-032) from 30 June to 14 July, including activity  during the  DL-DX RTTY Contest and the  IARU HF World Championship.  Plans are  to operate  SSB, RTTY, FT8, FT4 and  some CW  on  80-6 metres, "generally on the highest  frequency band open" with a focus on 6m. Activity on 160 metres will be limited.  QSL via home call  (direct or bureau), LoTW and eQSL. Logsearch on Club Log.  More information and updates on http://www.kv1j.com/fp/July20.html.

FM     - Yuri, VE3DZ will participate in the ARRL DX CW Contest as TO4A from Martinique (NA-107). QSL via home call. [TNX NG3K]

JD1_oga- Look for  JD1BON  (QSL via JA1UII  and LoTW)  and  JD1BPH (QSL  via  JH1HHC and  LoTW)  to be active  again  from  Chichijima  (AS-031), Ogasawara from  25 February to 5 March.  They will operate CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8 on 160-6 metres.

KP2    - Brian, ND3F  will be active  as  KP2/ND3F  from  St. Croix,  Virgin Islands (NA-106) on 12-18 February,  including an entry in the ARRL  DX CW Contest. QSL via EA5GL.

OX     - Bo, OZ1DJJ  will be active again in  his spare time as  OX3LX  from Aasiaat Island  (NA-134)  starting on 13 February  for  a couple of  weeks. He might also take a side trip to Disko Island (NA-134)  for 1-2 days. QSL via Club Log's OQRS, LoTW, or via OZ0J.

OZ     - Special callsigns OZ80HM and OX80HM (from Greenland) will be active on 16 April to celebrate the 80th birthday of  H.M. Queen Margrethe II. QSL via Club Log's OQRS, or via OZ1ACB. A special award will be available for  working  OZ80HM/xx  and  OX80HM/xx  using  different suffix extensions;  see https://www.qrz.com/db/OZ80HM  for information.

P4     - John, W2GD will be active as  P44W  from  Aruba (SA-036)  on  11-17 February. He will operate mainly CW, with some focus on 160, 30, 17 and 12 metres, and will participate in the ARRL DX CW Contest.  QSL via LoTW, or direct to N2MM. [TNX The Daily DX]

PJ2    - Thilo, DL9NBJ is active again as PJ2/DL9NBJ  from  Curacao (SA-099) until 19 February. He operates CW, SSB and FT8.  QSL via Club Log's OQRS only.

SM     - Celebrating World Radio Day, special callsign 7S6WRD will be active again from the Grimeton Radio Station (https://grimeton.org/) on 13 February.  QSL via the bureau,  or direct to SK6SAQ.  Built in  the early Twenties,  the Grimeton Radio Station  has been inscribed  on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2004.

TI     - Mike, TI5/W1USN  and  Bob, TI5/AA1M will be active from  Costa Rica from 20 February to 4 March.  They will operate CW, SSB and FT8  on 160-10 metres,  and also  "hope to do some FM satellite".  QSLs via LoTW, or via home calls (direct or bureau). [TNX NG3K]

TL     - Fernando, EA4BB has been QRT as 9Q6BB since 18 December 2019. On 16  February  he will move  to the  Central African Republic,  where he should remain  for a few months  and  hopefully be active as  TL8BB (requested callsign). [TNX The Daily DX]

TZ     - Ulmar, DK1CE is active as TZ1CE  from the QTH of  TZ4AM in  Bamako, Mali until around 20 February. He operates mainly CW, with some FT8 and possibly SSB.  QSL via DK1CE, direct or bureau. He does not use LoTW.

V2     - Flavio, IW2NEF will be active as  V26FP  from  Antigua (NA-100)  on 7-13 March. He will operate SSB and FT8  on  40-10 metres.  QSL via LoTW, or direct to IK2DUW.

V3     - Walt, W0CP as V31DJ (CW) and his wife  Mary Kay, K0ZV as V31DK (SSB and FT8) will be active from  Placencia, Belize on  10-24 February. They will be QRV on 80-10 metres.  QSLs via Club Log's OQRS,  LoTW, or via home calls. [TNX The Daily DX]

V4     - Andy, N2NT will be QRV as V47NT from  St. Kitts (NA-104)  on  12-17 February, with main activity as V47T during the ARRL DX CW Contest. QSL via W2RQ. [TNX NG3K]

V4     - Bill, V4/W3WH  and  Larry, V4/K3VX  will be active  from  St. Kitts 13-19 February. They will operate CW and some SSB on 160-10 metres, with "some intensive operation" during the ARRL DX CW Contest. [TNX The Daily DX]

V6     - Sho, JA7HMZ has cancelled his 14-21 February  V63DX & V6A  activity from Micronesia [425DXN #1499]  owing to the Corona Virus outbreak. [TNX NG3K]

W      - Rick, N1DC is active holiday style as N1DC/4 from Hutchinson Island (NA-141) until 25 February.  He operates CW, FT8 and SSB  on 40, 30 and 20 metres.  QSL direct to home call,  and LoTW.  [TNX The Daily DX]

XE     - The team that is expected to operate as 6F3A  from  Isla Perez (NA-153) on  11-17 February [425DXN 1496]  will stay  for one night  on Isla del Carmen (NA-135), and hopefully be active  "for some hours" as 4A2L.  They plan to operate CW and FT8 (Fox & Hound mode) on 40, 30 and 20 metres; if conditions are good,  they may also be QRV  on 17 and 12 metres, and do some SSB.  QSL via XE1SY  (see qrz.com for Paypal instructions)

CARIBBEAN TRIP ---> Mike, DF8AN  will  be active  as  ZF2AN from the  CaymanIslands on 14-23 February, and as C6AAN the Bahamas  from 23 February  to  1March.  He will operate CW, RTTY, FT8  (Fox & Hound on 7045, 10142 and 14090only if there are too many callers) and other digital modes, and will try tobe QRV on all bands (160-6 metres). QSL via DF8AN, direct or bureau. He doesnot use Club Log or LoTW.


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03.08.1991 UR3PKC Ілля Яблонський
04.08.1978 UR3PEX Андрiй Тюхта
08.08.1980 UR3PBI Ігор Смовдир
09.08.1945 US5PK Костянтин Костюкевич
17.08.1990 UR3PTS Володимир Вестон
23.08.1947 UR3PDJ Володимир Шендерук
27.08.1957 UR3PCS Леонід Зубчук
28.08.1953 NJ6P Леон Мадзярскi
28.08.1986 UR4UQK Сергій Шульгін
29.08.1950 UT5PR Iгор Спiрiдонов

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